Influence OSPF routing


I have a bunch of Vyos virtual router (.1 and .2) and one NSX edge (.3).
They are all on the same subnet and OSPF peer.

Both Vyos generate a default route and redistribute it to OSPF.

I am looking for the best way to influence the routing so the Edge use .2 first instead of .1

Any idea?

Give the link on.2 a higher ospf cost than the other one. That would favor the.1.


BGP loading balance. or WAN LOADING BALANCE?

regarding this topology, if we choose OSPF as routing protocols, We should change the cost to influence the traffic flow. However , if we want a better control or granularity, …I think you should choose BGP as routing protocol.

They all share the same subnet/vlan, hence I am not sure how to do this?

But that is the problem. They all share the same subnet so i cannot change the cost on the interface…

On router you increase the cost.

set protocols ospf interface cost


Try changing the default route metric or metric type (E1 vs E2)

Working, super thanks!

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