Install VyOS on HCL platform - DELL S6000-ON

Does any got experience with ONIE Linux on DELL platform ?
So Linux cumulus which supports HCL on DELL S6000-ON

I need to run OS (VyOS). Tried with z .bin, .iso z from bootable pen-drive tried to boot without any luck.

Got error like something missing…
/installer: line 1: ÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿE3íúŽÕ¼: not found
/installer: line 1: ûüf1Ûf1ÉfSfQWŽÝŽÅR¾: not found
/installer: line /installer: line 1: ¿¹ó¥êKR´A»ªU1É0öùÍrûUªuƒát
fÇó´Bëë1ÉZQÍ[¶Æ@Pƒá?Q÷áSRP»: not found
1: ¹f¡°èD‚€f@€Çâòf/installer: line : 1: èƒisolinux.bin: not found
not found
/installer: line 1: ûÀxpu: not found
/installer: line 2: syntax error: unexpected newline

Aby ideas, thoughts or this topic is to high level for this forum ?

Hello @rufzor, which VyOS version did you try?

latest I did try, why ?

White-box switches not supported at this time


What do you mean, its x86 architecture based on Intel Atom, its Linux.
Why? Could you elaborate

Yes, but they also come with broadcom switch silicon, which currently not support by VyOS
So even if you install VyOS, you will not be able to use switchports anyway

Could you provide HCL supported hw list ?

we currently working on initial HCL and should be published in upcoming weeks
not many models on it just yet
Few Lanner inc devices, few edgecore networks devices and dellemc virtual edge platform devices

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