Install xcp-ng tool in vyos 1.3.2

how to install xcp-ng guest tool in vyos 1.3.2

this message is coming when try to install tool


Try this package, it may conflict with vyos-xe-guest-utilities

getting this error while installing given package


sudo dpkg -i xe-guest*.deb

THis package correctly installed but didn’t recognized by supervisor
What is more interested - everything is working - memory/network/performance reports are correct.

But supervisor told that management agaent not installed.
Tested this on vyos 1.3/1.4 under Citrix Hypervisor 8/8.2

Citrix and XCP-NG could have different agents

what is the difference?
XCP-NG almost the same as Citrix Hypervisor with minor difference in license police and some library (not sure)

Do you have XCP-NG with working agent in VYOS 1.3/1.4?

XCP-NG xva/iso builds present for customers with subscription
vyos-xe-guest-utilities (XEN) doesn’t work for XCP-NG

Sorry, not fully understand what did you mean.

I have tested all the kind of Linux - Centos7-8/OracleLinux8/Ubuntu18-20-22/Debain9-10 - everything available especially to check Management Agent issues.

Everything was working fine under Citrix Hypervisor (8/8.1/8.2)

Only the VYOS 1.3 since 202101 build stop working correctly.
1.4 has the same issue.
I’ve discussed that issue someday here but had not find solution.
I think this is this simple configuration error during build but honestly everything working (start/stop/suspend/reports) and i stopped to fight for Citrix XenCenter visual perfection.

I would like recommend to read below topic
Install Management Agent - Linux Guest Installation - Discussions (

And this one just to understand how Management Agent works
XenCenter shows “Management Agent not installed” for Linux VM - Administrator Console - Discussions (

Playing with some platform parameters finally helps to resolve issue

xe vm-param-set uuid= platform:viridian=false

Hi! I run Vyos in XCP-NG. I’ve run both 1.3 rollings and 1.4-rollings too. You can install the guest utilities from XCP-NG itself with these steps.

My recollection is that 1.4-rolling runs fine in XCP-NG without updating the Xen guest, but I think you can’t see the IPs assigned from XOA, which is a feature I like.

This is what works for me:

  1. Remove the vyos-package, the syntax is something like:
    dkpg -r vyos-xe-guest-utilities'
  2. Mount the Guest Tools ISO in your Vyos VM.
  3. Follow the steps here: VM | XCP-ng documentation
  4. Run the install script with these options, to specify Debian 11
bash /mnt/Linux/ -d debian -m 11

I don’t think you have to reboot, I always do just to see it come up clean.
Sorry if I got a command not quite right, but I hope this helps.