Installing and running vyos on XCP-NG

Hi all - was hoping to benefit from the community collective to see whether there was any experience with installing and running vyos on xcp-ng.

I want to test out running this hypervisor on my Protectli fw6c device ( and virtualise my router along with a bunch of other functions and devices (domain controller, pi-hole DNS, etc, etc).

Before I dig in over the weekend just wanted to know if there are any guides, information, tip etc. available here. In particular I was looking for guidance on basic installation and also setting up vlans to vyos running on top of xcp-ng.

Thanks in advance!


currently there is no special documentation for xcp-ng. I personal never used, so would try to install it via the iso file, the same way as on a bare metal device. If you found something special we can add it to the documentation.

the iso default for the serial console is 115200 baud.

Basic infos available here:

vlans for example here:

Hi Rob, thanks for the reply.

Basic install I’m fine with, it’s probably more an xcp-ng call to arms to see whether anyone on here has it working with vlans etc.

On the hypervisor topic, is there a particular flavour you’d recommend for running vyos on?

its depends on what you have and what you know. i in personal have a lot of bare metal hosts and some on vmware. The vm-tools are included in the iso, so ist runs smooth.

some time ago i used it on proxmox, also with good results. I my lab (eve-ng) qemu is used.

I have run these op proxmox and xcp-ng they all work for normal usage …vmware i think and this is only from what i have seen …is the only one were you can have groups of thernets linked together…
like 1 eth (real one hardware based)

virtual devices that dont point out… difficult to explain … think they visualise it better aswell…

I’m trying to understand you, but Proxmox offers bonding, and LACP/LAGG, so not sure what it is you are referring to.

Im talking about segregating certain vms from each other … some behind nat and some not … and some in groups so they can see each other but no one else…

Proxmox will most certainly do that.

For now I have gone with ESXi 6.7u3, got it all working with no issue. Just had to decide on how I wanted to handle the VLAN trunking.

I went with Virtual Guest Tagging (VGT) as it enables me to add VLANs to my network without rebooting the virtual vyos instance.

Now onto setting up a second vyos instance and learning all about VRRP. Any pointers there would be great… :slight_smile:

well if you looking at setting up a few vyos instances for testing …maybe have a look at GNS3 …its a system that lets you test things and links before you go into production.

thanks for the tip, I will look into that for sure.

this is just for my home internet connection and I am the only user so can suffer downtime with no issues :slight_smile:

I think I need some pointers on what I should be bringing up and down in the fail and master scripts for VRRP. I will start my research and reading this week.