Installing mosh on vyos

The title says it all really - is there a way to run mosh on Vyos?

@phillipmcmahon how you’ll be to use it?
It’s needed some commands for op-mode / configuration-mode?
Can you share some examples?

Unreliable and slow remote links would be the primary use case. Quite a bonus when performing remote administration.


Adding packages could be risky, as they have not been tested and they could interfere with VyOS somewhere. And giving support could be a nightmare!

Having said that, you can install any package at your own risk by adding a repository to /etc/apt/sources.list
(for instance deb buster main if you are using VyOS 1.3)
and then use the apt tool to update the repository and install packages.

I see that Mosh is not only about slow links, but if that were your main problem, you could try to shape traffic and embed an FQ-CoDel queue. Latency would shrink.

You would only need:

set traffic-policy shaper SIMPLEST-FQ-CODEL bandwidth 1mbit
set traffic-policy shaper SIMPLEST-FQ-CODEL default bandwidth 100%
set traffic-policy shaper SIMPLEST-FQ-CODEL default queue-type fq-codel

Replacing “1mbit” with the maximum speed you can get when the link is in its most unreliable condition and paying attention to the rate units you use.