Installing on a software raid?

Need help installing vyos across a software raid 1 setup.
I created the virtual disk in dells raid config menu, when i boot into the vyos installer and it scans the disks and shows /dev/md126, so i install it on /dev/md126p1 and it goes through, creates the filesystem, and all that. when it says its completed i reboot but it doesn’t boot properly. just says OS cannot be found. Am I missing something?

Yup… A bunch of stuff.

So VyOS is pretty much the updated Vyatta. Installs and everything the same way. One of the issues I found was how difficult it was to install VyOS/Vyatta on a Software RAID-1.

Anyway, thankfully someone else sorted this out. I won’t reinvent the wheel, but follow this post.

And you’ll be set! Let me know if you have issues.

this worked!, my issue was the weird perc card that came with this dell, not really hardware raid but didn’t work like a software raid. i just skipped the whole thing and followed that guide.

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