Integration of Puppet / Chef / Ansible?

Interested to know if anyone has been using Puppet / Chef / Ansible to automate configuration and deployment of Vyatta / VyOS. There is a puppet module available that interprets the puppet configuration into a vyatta config file: GitHub - ahaitoute/puppet-vyatta
My thought was Ansible would be a good fit since it’s agent less and simply uses Python. I already use Python to generate initial setup scripts and it would be easy to have Ansible execute “set interface ethernet bla bla bla” to edit the system, or have any config management system generate the new config file and merge it.

Is there a better way to adjust the configuration of the system? I’ve seen the Vyatta config sync tool over at but never used it… I’m interested in starting an Ansible project to make multi node configuration simpler. If anyone has ideas / suggestions I’d love to hear them!

Hello Danf,
personally I think it could be a good idea, thank you for sharing!


Hello Danf,

I’ve made an ansible role for provisioning VyOS configuration.