Intel X520-SR2,X520-DA2 or X710 and XL710?


i think to use vyos to build a router with bgp…etc service.

i search artilces,
old vyos 1.1.8 can not work with X710,
and 1.2 can work well on it.

  1. i hope it can work at at least 3-5 years well,
    im not sure if X520 can be supported well so long time,
    with your experience or understanding,
    is it fine to use X520 ?

  2. X520 has X520-DA2 and X520-SR2,
    can i use the same transceiver on both card well ?
    and do you recommend to buy X520-DA2 or X520-SR2 ?

  3. some site offer 4 ports on one NIC,
    such as 's Intel XL710-BM1,
    is fine to use such 4 ports card ?
    or it is better to use two cards and each one card has 2 ports ?
    or no difference ?


You should better ask this question to equipment sellers.

If you use a multiprocessor system, then 2 cards will be preferable, because each socket will process its own card. If you have 1 socket, it not matter.