Inter-VLAN routing, commicate between VLAN

So I can’t find any information about inter-vlan routing. Do I create a bridge interface and add members to that bridge? Set up firewall zone for two interfaces to communicate? What is the proper way to do this?

Welcome @cire888 to the Vyos forums.

Can you explain a bit more about what you’re trying to do?

Do you want hosts on your two different VLANs to talk at Layer 2, or Layer 3?

If Layer 3, then Vyos being a router it should “just work” if both interfaces have a L3 address and are the default gateway for the clients on that VLAN.

Without some more detail about what exactly you’re trying to achieve it’s hard to give you a more detailed answer.

Note since VyOS is a router and not a firewall this means as @tjh stated that traffic will be allowed by design between interfaces (as long as they are part of the same VRF, if no VRF is configured then the VRF named “Default” is being used).

That is if you configure eth0 with lets say and eth1 with then hosts at eth0 will be able to reach hosts at eth1 just like that (the hosts must have configured to use the VyOS IP-address as their gateway).

Configuring the firewall settings is only needed if you want to filter traffic between interfaces (either only allow specific traffic or block specific traffic), mark specific traffic for other processing or if you want to enable NAT (Network Address Translation) and similar.