Interface ethernet eth:0 does not exist after migrate VyOS


Hello Experts, first sorry for dummy question, Linux is not my expertise.
I had a VM running Vyos on Windows.
I reinstalled my host from W10 to W2K16 now my ethernets inside Vyos changed to Eth2 and Eth3.
Before it was Eth0 DHCP and Eth1 internal.
When Vyos machine start I can see error “migrate rl-system firewall configure failed”
Im receiving error “interface ethernet eth0: does not exist” and “interface ethernet eth1: does not exist” when I go to configure mode, load, compare.
How can I rename or change current settings back to Eth0 and Eth1?

Nicolas Rojas


In config, remove hw-id under ethernet interfaces.

To prevent this from happening again, manually set ethernet interfaces to static MAC address in hypervisor (hyper v…?)


solved, ty for repply!

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