Interface graphs?


Does anyone have any ideas how I can get some nice graphs for VyOS?
Like throughput per interface, cpu utilization and so on?

I tried importing the prometheus-client into my Grafana instance, it worked but I had to build the dashboard myself which is a lot of work, I want something that will figure out everything itself and create the graphs without me having to add all them one by one.

Any recommendations?

hello @depeo,

I use LibreNMS to graph and monitor VyOS. By default LibreNMS includes the template for VyOS systems, so it will automatically create all the graphs for you.


Thanks! I will try it out!

LibreNMS is really good ! I also use it to monitor all my devices.

monitor bandwidth interface eth0


monitor bandwidth interface *

Will bring you some nice graphs :wink:

CheckMK (their RAW edition is free, the Free/Trial one is a free trial of their payment edition) is also a nice alternative to LibreNMS:

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I use Zabbix against Vyos. It’s not “pretty” but it shows the data I need.
I am looking forward to being able to use 1.4 as it has Zabbix client built in!!