Intra-zone rules?

I might have missed something obvious, but is intra-zone policies supported with zone based firewall based setups?

I have one zone called services, in which I have a DNS server running. I have multiple subnets in this zone I’d like to use to use my main DNS.

In 1.4 it is supported:

vyos@vyos# set firewall zone SERVERS intra-zone-filtering firewall name FOO
vyos@vyos# set firewall name FOO rule  10 ...

An example can be found in a comment in this task: ⚓ T3873 Zone based Firewall - Filter traffic in same zone

Ah, I’m currently on 1.3. Maybe it’s time to try 1.4 instead! I ran into some strange error when trying my configuration on 1.4, but I’ll try again and write a bug report if it’s still an issue.

Thank you!

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