IP pool for pppoe subscriber 6000 with one pppoe-server

How can I create IP pool for PPPOE subscriber 6000 with one pppoe-server. vyos limit pppoe-server client-ip pool with /24.

Where do you see limits for /24?
Could you provide some examples?

Like that.

Check the network part of the prefix incorrect correct


The docs explicitly said that the longest block to use for a PPPoE server must be a /24 subnet. In the other hand you can use multiple subnets for the clients.

Use this command for every pool of client IP addresses you want to define. The addresses of this pool will be given to PPPoE clients. You must use CIDR notation and it must be within a /24 subnet.

Yes, Now I can config with this command “set service pppoe-server client-ip-pool subnet”

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