IP SLA feature VyOS?

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Is there a sort of IP SLA feature within VyOS? I want to do a ping check to a gateway and if the gateway is unreachable then it changes the AD of a static route.


There is a feature failover route Failover — VyOS 1.4.x (sagitta) documentation

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Thanks for the swift reply,

Well this only changes the metric of the route. I need to change the administrative distance of the route. I have two routers each has one static to its ISP. Router 1 connected to ISP 1 has a static default with AD of 1 and metric of 0. To use the backup line that is connected to Router 2 it uses OSPF to get there as you can see in the routing table below for destination

Routing entry for
  Known via "static", distance 1, metric 0, best
  Last update 00:05:42 ago
  *, via eth0.6, weight 1

Routing entry for
  Known via "ospf", distance 110, metric 10
  Last update 04:31:50 ago, via eth0.20, weight 1, via eth0.30, weight 1, via eth0.40, weight 1, via eth0.50, weight 1, via eth0.60, weight 1, via eth0.70, weight 1, via eth0.80, weight 1

Am using VyOS 1.4-rolling-202212130326 and the “set protocols faillover” doesnt seem exist.


It present in all versions after 20221220

Ahh ok thats a bummer because i cant upgrade… Do we have another solution that can be used for traffic engineering static routes?


Update is simple
or use load-balancing + custom script WAN load balancing — VyOS 1.4.x (sagitta) documentation which will change the route

True but the spokes don’t have enough storage to run the upgrades remotely unfortunately. Even tho i would upgrade the metric wouldn’t do much in my case because the AD will still be lower then the OSPF route. Or is it possible to change the AD as well with this feature?


The metric setting is optional. Seems to me like the failover route completely disappears when target is unreachable, so you don;t have to worry about metric or AD

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Yes seems like the behavior of kernel route deletes it from the RIB. Awesome!