Ip6tables SNAT, DNAT, MASQUERADE support

Does vyos NAT support ipv6?


IPv6 support available since Linux kernels >= 3.7.

Hello, @Tak!
VyOS 1.2 support IPv6 NAT, but there is no CLI commands for this at this moment. Now you can use only direct execution of ip6tables for configuration.

Hello, @zsdc.
Because the direct execution is not save in config.boot, I think that it will not be subject to the upgrade migration.

Scripts are generating settings for vyos.
Does ip6tables-save work without interfering with script?

No, ip6tables-save only generate commands/file. You need to save it somewhere and import with ip6tables-restore when needs.

In case of VyOS, best way (now) will be saving config somewhere in /config/ directory, as files inside them will be saved during update, and import this file through script /config/scripts/vyatta-postconfig-bootup.script.

Thank you. I will use that workaround once.
By the way, does vyos plan to implement the CLI command?

Yes. You can add correspondent feature request at Phabricator to track this process.