IPoE is it possible to fixe IP


Is it possible to configure a fixed IP for a specific MAC with current IPoE implementation ?
Nothing is detailed at https://vyos.readthedocs.io/en/latest/services/ipoe-server.html

Shouldn’t be an issue. Do you have an example you’d like to implement?

I plan to build a little router which distributes internet access over IPoE but I am missing some skills.

Customers router should connect to this gateway router using IPoE must this be done using private IPs ? In this case should I need or do 1-1 NAT in order to map this connection to public IPs ?

Do you have some sample configurations I could adapt or analyse ?

You only need NAT if you use RFC1918 addresses. If you have a pool of public IPs you can distribute and route them as well, I’m not sure what you try to accomplish with IPoE. You can filter the IPs and restrict access since it sounds the client router are connected permanently anyway.

Thanks for your time hagbard,

Yes I have a pool of publics IPs and I would like to map a specific Public IP to a specific IPoE user and this user should always keep the same public IP

Cool, then you won’t have to NAT anything. So where is then the problem?

Depending on which order the user get connected there IPs may change

With the basic configuration at https://vyos.readthedocs.io/en/latest/services/ipoe-server.html,
first connected user with mac 08:00:27:2f:d8:06 will get the second user will get later if user with mac 08:00:27:2f:d8:06 is connecting after other users he may get another IP than !

Nope, you can nail it down to the mac address with DHCP as well. IPoE is basically nothing else, your username is the mac address, if you have the mac address configured for authentication. Via RADIUS you can set more restriction (e.g. circuit ID or something similar). If you only want to have an IP address sent to a particular mac, dhcp can do that. (https://linux.die.net/man/8/dhcpd - look at the host object). You can also delegate from vyo to an dhcp server, gives you a little more flexibility.