IPTables error "index of deletion too big"

Hey all

I came across an old thread with the exact same issue: Getting errors when trying to alter a policy route rule or add a new one - General questions - VyOS Platform Community Forums and followed the workaround posted, however I still keep getting the same error.

The exact workaround posted was “There’s a simple workaround though: delete the rule and re-create it with the new table.” - however when I look to delete the rule I get the same error again:

iptables: Index of deletion too big.

iptables error: No such file or directory - 3 at /opt/vyatta/sbin/vyatta-firewall.pl line 653.

Any ideas?


what version do you use ? is it 1.3 ? did you apply this workaround ? ⚓ T445 iptables error with policy routing

I’m on 1.1.6, guessing thats why the workaround didnt work?

1.1.X it’s EOL , this workaround it was testing on 1.3 and solved in this version.