IPV6 and configuring a subnet default route?

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I’m running a recent build of 1.4 (built post announcement of EPA1) and am learning about IPV6 and trying to split and assign a global unicast /48 (from HE.net) into /64 prefixes for use internally across the various subnets and to get everything talking internally through IPV6.

I’ve assigned one vlan interface (for now) with address 2001:x:x:20:x:x:x:1/64 and setup a DHCPv6 server with start/stop address range within that /64. DHCPv6 assignment is working as the client received addresses from 2001:x:: but I’ve noticed the default router address is a link-local address and not 2001:x:x:20:x:x:x:1/64 which I would have expected.

On the IPV4 side there is the default-router command where you specify the router interface address to use - in my case … how do you achieve the same outcome on the IPV6 side of things. I understand it would be through router adverts but not sure how to configure that differently from what I have done below so that each subnet would get its assigned /64 prefix route ?

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set service router-advert interface eth1 prefix 2001:x:x:0:0:0:0:0/48

set service dhcpv6-server shared-network-name vl20_main subnet 2001:x:x::/48 address-range start 2001:x:x:20::100 stop 2001:x:x:20::999
set service dhcpv6-server shared-network-name vl20_main common-options name-server 2001:x:x:255:0:0:0:2

Okay I think I know what I need to do, split the /48 into several /64 prefixes and set up several RAs. Will try that.

Fortunately, your use-case is already neatly documented:

Tunnelbroker.net (IPv6)

@mertzf yes thank you!

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