IPv6 default route on OSPFv3

Announcing an IPv4 default route over OSPF can be done using the command set protocols ospf default-information originate always

But trying to achieve the same for OSPFv3 (IPv6) on Helium (1.1.0) seems not possible. Is this command missing?

Yes. You might see 510 Software Group for a full list of available commands. Many of the ospf commands are missing in ospfv3 - for example, redistribute * metric. I know very little about ospf - are those not applicable to ospfv3?

www.quagga.net => http://www.nongnu.org/quagga/

The version in Vyos is 0.97.3 (from 2011), the latest version is (about 4 months ago). Care to fund work on an upgrade?

http://blog.philippklaus.de/2012/04/ipv6-dynamic-routing-with-quagga-and-ospf6d-ospfv3/ implies that

set protocols ospfv3 redistribute kernel

might work, but it seems that might also redistribute other unwanted routes into ospfv3 as well.

Old thread (found by Google), same question - in VyOS 1.3.1, what is now the equivalent of “set protocols ospf default-information originate always” for IPv6 OSPFv3? On a router with full Internet BGP tables, I don’t have a default route but need this router to originate one in OSPF, works with IPv4 and now trying to make it work with IPv6 too.
Found the issue below, closed over 1 year ago - is it possible this FRR change didn’t go into stable VyOS yet?