IPv6 DHCP-PD request on VRRP interface

I am running two vyos routers that are in a VRRP down to the ‘internal’ networks. For v4, they are NOT VRRPd to the provider (each is it’s own SNAT gateway). However, in that config, each are getting a PD assignment (/60) from comcast, and each are assigning a prefix down to each of the internal networks.

That makes route selection on the hosts kinda problematic. I would prefer to have the DHCPv6-PD requests bound to a VRRP interface pointed at the carrier. That way, the PD assignment will only be received (and therefore distributed) by the VRRP master at any given point in time.

Is this possible?

Hello @liljenstolpe

Yes it is possible. You can use NAT66 for this purpose. This option works similarly to IPv4 nat. You can use fc00 :: / 7 or any other address for internal addressing. VRRP will work without problems. But you need to configure the gateway on the hosts.