IPv6 in OpenVPN P2P mode

Hi there,

I just migrated my router from Debian (bird) to VyOS.

I’d like to connect to DN42 network, so I have to connect with other people first. We have an ipv6 link-local address inside the tunnel.

Here is the openvpn configure file in Debian.

proto udp mode p2p remote [remote-host] rport [remote-port] local [local-host] lport [local-port] dev-type tun tun-ipv6 resolv-retry infinite dev dn42 comp-lzo persist-key persist-tun cipher aes-256-cbc ifconfig-ipv6 fe80::1240:1/124 fe80::1240:2 ifconfig secret /etc/openvpn/xxx.key

Just you can see, we have an link-local address inside the tunnel.

Now, I’d like to know that how can I set up ipv6 address as remote-address in VyOS

vyos@nl-ams01# set int open vtun1 remote-address Possible completions: <x.x.x.x> IP address of remote end of tunnel

It looks like that only IPv4 address supported.

Can anyone help me?

Thank you very much~


i think it’s not supported at this time,
but you are welcome to create tast in https://phabricator.vyos.net
Not sure if it hard to implement and in can be included in 1.1.8


Just created a task in this website.

I hope that you can make it happen in next version.