IPV6 || MLD report message

I have the following topology.

VYOS–SWITCH with Snooping Enabled – Third party Router.

We have configured , IPv6 interface on both Third party router and VYOS.
The third party router sends IPV6 NS messages , with ,multicast IP (solicited multicast IP ) .
In a normal working scenario , We can see the packets reaches to switch , these are sent to VYOS.
Because , VYOS subscribes to certain groups by sending MLD report messages .
switch sends MLD query every ~120 seconds.

Non-working scenario:–
If the L3 interface on the VYOS is inside a VRF.
We can see the packets reaches to switch , but the switch drops it .
It was observed , the switch sends MLD query every ~120 seconds and the VYOS doesn’t respond with a MLD report for the groups it want to join .

Summary :–
We can see if an IPV6 address is configured on an interface , it behaves as a MLD host and responds to MLD query messages sent by switch.

If the same interface is under VRF , it fails to do so .

Is there any knob , systemctl parameters that needs to be configured ?
i hope interface NS/NA messages are offloaded to kernel to deal with .

Any known bugs around this ?