IPv6 over PPPoE


I have vDSL line from BT in the UK and I have a running IPv4 session just fine and can ping out to google etc.

My ISP also offers native IPv6 over PPPoE. When I connect i get this in the log files:

rcvd [proto=0x8057] 01 00 00 0e 01 0a 02 03 97 ff fe 19 40 00
Unsupported protocol ‘IPv6 Control Protovol’ (0x8057) received’
sent [LCP ProtRej id=0x7 80 57 01 00 00 0e 01 0a 02 03 97 ff fe 19 40 00]

Is IPv6 support over PPPoE? Have I missed something, if so any clues would be good. I dont see any real options under the poppe to support this.


snip of config and show ver below:
pppoe 0 {
default-route auto
mtu 1492
name-server auto
password xxxxxxx
user-id xxxxxxx

Version: VyOS 1.1.6
Description: VyOS 1.1.6 (helium)
Copyright: 2015 VyOS maintainers and contributors
Built by: maintainers@vyos.net
Built on: Mon Aug 17 03:58:33 UTC 2015
Build ID: 1508170358-a3033d5
System type: x86 64-bit
Boot via: image
Hypervisor: KVM
HW model: Standard PC (i440FX + PIIX, 1996)

Hi tpau86,

do you found the solution for this problem? I also have a vDSL Line and only get the IPv4 Address. I searched the Internet, but the most solutions are DHCP with IPv6.

Hello guys,
it’s not supported at this time,
please submit a feature request to phabricator.vyos.net

Been about two years from the post, has there been any development for PPPoE IPv6 or is it time to move routers? BT, Zen to name a few are now in IPv6 xDSL deployment…