IPv6 Pool name not work with external radius

Dear VYOS Team,
I created multiple client-ipv6 pool with name and connect wtih external radius. But vyos pool name not work with external radius.
And and let me know command to view real time traffic for per ppp session and can I view total number of pppoe session.

Can you share your configuration and VyOS version?
What radius attribute do you use to pass the IPv6 pool name?
You can try to use monitor traffic command on a specific pppoe interface.

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I used that attributes.
But not work.

If you want to use ipv6 pool via RADIUS, use the next attributes


You should set there the name of the defined ipv6 pool.
Of course do not forget to enable ipv6 in pppoe
set service pppoe-server ppp-options ipv4 allow

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It work for me. Thanks for your support.

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