IPv6 Prefix Translation with Dynamic Prefix from ISP

Hello again,

my home router is running on the current development “Lithium” branch and i want to enable IPv6 Globaly in my Network, but i can´t apply my ACLs. This problem comes from the Dynamic Prefix that is assignd from my Provider. I can´t currently get any static prefix, because this is not supported during my ISP for home users.

I have seen that the development Lithium branch has NPtv6 included. If i apply the configuration with manual add the providers prefix, then it works as it should. But every 24 hours, when my provider reconnect my internet connection, i have manual to change the VyOS config to the new prefix.

Is that possible to read out the prefix from the interface which is on the “WAN” side an apply that automaticly in the NPtv6 rule?

Basic Network Sheet:

-----------                            -------------
| ISP RTR | ----- To Ethernet 0 ------ | VyOS RTR | ------ Ethernet 1 (Home Network) [fd00::0110:0000/120]
-----------                            -------------
                                         Ethernet 2 ( Neigbors Network) [fd00::0110:0100/120]


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