IPv6 Prefix Translation

Is it possible to add a feature to the NPTv6 Options to translate a dynamic prefix given from an ISP to a static local prefix? I have asked for that in the past here but nothing happens to this. It would be a very necessary feature for all people who want to span a VPN over different locations and need to route all “local to internet”-traffic direct out at the location where they are.


Isn’t NPT a feature that is frowned upon and heavily discouraged? I wouldn’t object at all if this feature never sees light of day.

Hello dtoux,

yes, you´re absolutly right and i would agree with you. The problem is, not all use VyOS in Cloud or ISP scenarios where you can always deal with a static prefix. If you want replace your Sophos Routers in your branch offices that Uplink over DSL, with all the rotating ipv6 prefixes, than you always need that feature. Without that you can´t use ipv6 over VPN Tunnels for the internal network and have to use IPv4. But for the internal ipv6 network the private “fd00::” range is really enough. It would be very nice to dynamicly map the internal private static prefix on the external dynamic 24h rotating prefix given from our ISP.

I guess you ask about it?
If it another feature, just create a “feature request”