IPv6 site-to-site IPSec VPN

I’ve set up multiple IPv4 site-to-site IPsec VPN successfully in Vyatta and migrated them to VyOS 1.1.1. I’m now trying to set up an equivalent IPv6 VPN but it’s getting stuck in IKE mode “init”.

tail /var/log/messages shows:

pluto[21513]: added connection description “peer-ip:addr:ess-tunnel-1”
pluto[21513]: “peer-ip:addr:ess-tunnel-1” #6: initiating Main Mode
zebra[2394]: netlink-cmd error: No such file or directory, type=RTM_NEWROUTE(24), seq=764966, pid=0

I don’t know if there’s any further debugging information I can get to diagnose what file or directory is missing?

Have you tried

show vpn ?

in operational mode? It’s a lot of information there.

Thanks, found the problem - the subnet settings at the remote end were incorrect. Seems a strange error message for the actual cause, but glad it was just something simple at the end of the day!