IPv6 using 6RD tunnel

I have a location that can only get IPv6 connectivity through 6RD (no native IPv6). Does VyOS support 6RD tunnels? I know it does 6in4, but couldn’t find anything regarding 6RD.


Yes, you can find it here in version 1.4.

vyos@vyos# set interfaces tunnel tun0 
Possible completions:
   6rd-prefix           6rd network prefix
   6rd-relay-prefix     6rd relay prefix
+  address              IP address
   description          Description
   disable              Administratively disable interface
   disable-link-detect  Ignore link state changes
   enable-multicast     Enable multicast operation over tunnel
   encapsulation        Encapsulation of this tunnel interface
 > ip                   IPv4 routing parameters
 > ipv6                 IPv6 routing parameters
 > mirror               Mirror ingress/egress packets
   mtu                  Maximum Transmission Unit (MTU) (default: 1476)
 > parameters           Tunnel parameters
   redirect             Redirect incoming packet to destination
   remote               Tunnel remote address
   source-address       Source IP address used to initiate connection
   source-interface     Interface used to establish connection
   vrf                  VRF instance name