IPv6 with OpenConnect and L2TP server

Is it possible to use IPv6 addressing with OpenConnect and L2TP/IPsec VPNs? As far as I know, VyOS utilizes ocserv to provide OpenConnect and it supports IPv6 in OpenWRT.

Hi @Forestarean,

set vpn openconnect network-settings client-ipv6-pool should be available in VyOS 1.4

Hello @Forestarean,

IPv6 addressing is also available in l2tp:

vyos@vyos# set vpn l2tp remote-access client-ipv6-pool 
Possible completions:
+> delegate             Subnet used to delegate prefix through DHCPv6-PD (RFC3633)
+> prefix               Pool of addresses used to assign to clients

Many thanks to both. I will try what @RyVolodya suggested on my VyOS 1.3.1.