Is Captive Portal in Roadmap?

Are there any plans to bring Captive Portal functionality into VyOS? I don’t know of other router OS’s out there that lack this functionality (look at DD-WRT, Open-WRT, LEDE, ZeroShell, Untangle, RouterOS/MikroTik, EdgeOS/Ubiquiti… they all have Captive Portals, whether their own or simply embedded CoovaChilli).

This is the only thing that’s very irritating about VyOS for me right now, that is keeping me from switching completely to VyOS because it means I need a 2nd device attached to my small network just to handle a captive portal for my guest WiFi.

Since ZeroShell and Coova/Chilli are both open source, how hard would it be to port either of their captive portal source codes to VyOS?

no plan for captive portal in base image,
however, in 1.2 brings capability to install thirdparty packages easier,
so if someone interested, captive portal will appear at some point i believe

Just wondering if this project is slowly dying off?

Are there any change logs to the nightly DEV builds?


For people that come once a year, maybe, for me, not really.
No change logs for nightly builds, moreover, what sense in such change logs?