Is it possible to bridge between tradition L2 networks and EVPN-VXPN L2 VNI?

Hi all,

i know vyos for a long time, but I never used it in production mode before. Since we noticed that vyos can do EVPN-VXLAN with FRR, we are interested in using vyos.

The question in the topic says it all but I would like to describe it a bit deeper.

My requirement is:

  • We are looking for a VNF (Virtual Network Function / virtualized router) which I would like to use in a VMware based virtualized environment
  • We have VMware NSX running in the hypervisor-world. So we dont deal with VLAN based networks anymore, but we have Geneve based overlay networks in our virtualization.
  • And we have EVPN based overlay network in our physical switching environment.

The Problem is, that Geneve and EVPN-VXLAN are not compatible.

Our goal is to merge virtualized L2 segments (which are based on VMware NSX) with physical L2 segments (which are EVPN-VXLAN segments).

General question: Is it possible to bridge interfaces in vyos?

And is it also possible to bridge a traditional interface (VLAN interface) with a EVPN-vxlan based interface/L2 VNI with vyos?


It should work.
But you will need to be careful for HA.
Because connecting VXLAN to phys L2 sometimes will need MLAG or EVPN MH to provide HA, otherwise your network will have loop.
But it still depends on your real network topology.