Is it possible to build 1.2.9-S1 by myself?

debian 8 apt source changed by debian official, so if I want to build my own 1.2.9-S1 how can i make the change of that?

Not sure if this helps. If you are building your own version of VyOS 1.2.9-S1 and need to update the Debian 8 apt sources, you can try these steps:

  1. Open the file “/etc/apt/sources.list” using a text editor of your choice.
  2. Replace the existing Debian 8 repository URLs with the updated URLs provided by Debian official. You can find the updated repository URLs on the Debian website.
  3. Save the changes to the file and close the text editor.
  4. Run the command “sudo apt-get update” to refresh the package lists with the updated repository URLs.
  5. Proceed with building your own version of VyOS 1.2.9-S1.

Ok I will try and report back. Thanks