Is vim Included?

I did a test upgrade on a vm from 1.4-rolling-202210280218 to 1.4-rolling-202211290318 and in the new image, vim is not there. I cannot for the life of me remember installing it manually before.

Am I crazy or did vim get removed from the image?

PS: vi is still there.

I just tested my 1.3.2 “official” image and vim isn’t there either, only the BusyBox “vi” editor.
Not sure it’s ever been there?

Hi @jbhardman, I don’t remember that vim was in VyOS by default. If you want this editor, just download package from deb repo and install it. Debian -- Details of package vim in bullseye

Thanks all. I can definitely add it. I just have a test system with vim installed, but no other repo’s enabled. I have no idea how it got there.

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