Issue with vyos version 1.2.5

Hi good afternoon.

I am running data+voip tests in VYOS version 1.2.5 successful, I have phone calls and internet in separate ports eth1 and eth2.

I request your support to solve the following:

  1. What configuration should I have in the ports to be able to have telephone calls and internet through a single port, my current configuration is the following:

set interfaces bridge br0 address ‘’
set interfaces bridge br0 address ‘’
set interfaces bridge br0 aging ‘300’
set interfaces bridge br0 description ‘phone+internet’
set interfaces bridge br0 firewall local name ‘LAN_LOCAL’
set interfaces bridge br0 forwarding-delay ‘3’
set interfaces bridge br0 hello-time ‘2’
set interfaces bridge br0 max-age ‘20’
set interfaces bridge br0 priority ‘32768’
set interfaces bridge br0 stp ‘true’

set interfaces ethernet eth1 duplex ‘auto’
set interfaces ethernet eth1 hw-id ‘00:90:0b:a4:75:e6’
set interfaces ethernet eth1 mtu ‘1500’
set interfaces ethernet eth1 smp-affinity ‘auto’
set interfaces ethernet eth1 speed ‘auto’
set interfaces ethernet eth1 vif 9 bridge-group bridge ‘br0’
set interfaces ethernet eth1 vif 10 bridge-group bridge 'br0

  1. When I start my system vyos the phone is connected and i can see this in arp table, but I don’t have phone calls, i need execute a ping from my vyos whit destination phone ip address “192.168.9.X” for enable the register in my phone, after this i have phone calls.

Thanks for reading this.

I hope you can help me

Try to disable firewall


The way it looks to me you’re in the middle of 2 possible configurations.
you could have everything on one bridge interface with one lan subnet for both the phones and internet, or you could separate the phones and the internet using vlan interfaces.
Your config seems to be stuck somewhere in the middle, at least the parts we can see.
Here is what i did for my local network, i know you security types will laugh, and i’ll probably tighten it up sometime but i was in a hurry when i wrote this. show interfaces
 bridge br0 {
     address 192.168.xx.xx/24
     description lan
     member {
         interface eth1 {
         interface eth2 {
         interface eth3 {
 ethernet eth0 {
     address dhcp
     address dhcpv6
     hw-id 00:e0:67:09:a1:4c
 ethernet eth1 {
     hw-id 00:e0:67:09:a1:4d
 ethernet eth2 {
     hw-id 00:e0:67:09:a1:4e
 ethernet eth3 {
     hw-id 00:e0:67:09:a1:4f

This config gets me eth1, 2, and 3 on the same bridge interface, served by the same dhcp server, with no firewalling on the bridge interface.

Let us know which direction you want to go and i’m sure you’ll get help.

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Hi i can solve the issue with telephone calls and internet through a single port.
My issue with the register in my phone continue.