Issues creating GRE tunnel (no IPSEC)


I’m having issues creating a plain GRE tunnel. Configuration items for tun0:

address description GRE1 encapsulation gre local-ip 86.45.xx.xx mtu 1400 multicast disable +remote-ip 167.225.xx.xx

It won’t let me commit remote-ip it just throws up the error:

[code][ interfaces tunnel tun0 remote-ip 167.225.xx.xx ]
add tunnel “tun0” failed: Invalid argument

[[interfaces tunnel tun0]] failed[/code]

Any idea what the issue is? I can’t find any reference to this error online.

This looks like a bug, though I’m not sure if I’ve ever seen it.

What VyOS version is it? 1.1.7 or the 1.2.0 nightly build?

There may also be something interesting in /var/log/vyatta/vyatta-commit.log or cfg-stdout.log/cfg-stderr.log

It does seem like a bug as I’ve seen various examples using similar config and no reference to this error. I’m on 1.1.7 which I believe is the latest stable version - have checked those log files and nothing useful (or related) in there at all.

EDIT Just tried with 1.1.6 - same issue.

Am I doing something wrong? The configuration I’m trying to create is the same as I’d setup on a Cisco router.

Right this is a bug. If I blow tun0 away and recreate like this it works fine:

set remote-ip xxxx
set local-ip xxxx
set encap gre


set address xxxxx/30
set desc “description”
set mtu 1400


If I try to set and commit all items in one go it gives the error above and refuses to commit the remote-ip.

Tunnel now up and running!

Thanks for sharing that!
Can you create task at
describe issue and reffer to this post?
So this can be fixed in future releases

No problem, done. Hopefully this helps anyone else out in the meantime.

Thanks for sharing the solution. you just saved me

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