It is possible ? 2 Vyos Servers with 2 ISP on 1 Cisco Switch or 2 Cisco Switch


I whant to make somehow to have redunancy in case one of the router dies (like the other day with error % BGP instance not found just rebooted the router and worked again, whatever.)

At this moment i have:
1 Server with 4 x ports eth / VYOS. Connected 2 ISP (1 ISP/eth0, 2 ISP/eth1) with BGP and from another port (eth3) is goig to cisco switch 4948 > to servers

I whant to split the ISP in case one router dies to have connection from 1 isp till i fix the one broke.

Is posible to do this ? From each router to plug cable in the switch Or i have to make VRRP configuration ? …etc

I even have 2 switches cisco 4948 if is posbile to make redunancy for this two is perfect, if no just for the routers.

As far as I understand you need that network diagram.

And 3 vrrp instances. Two for ISP’s and one for LAN.

I was thinkiing sompting like

forget isp is 1 and 2 not the same isp

In that case, you can use only one vrrp group “LAN”

2x router for ISP
1x link to connect the 2 routers together
1x link to the switch from each router
1x link free on both routers for out of band mgmt.

See the diagram.

Yes, we have ower own ipv4 /24 and /23, 8 ip ranges and ower own ASNumber

I have to take in consideration, each isp have diffrent peers and the routs to be ok for latency

I think this is the best solution.

ISP, split hes connection in 2 with a small switch , 1 for each router in case r1 or r2 dies you still have connection from both isp, right ?