Kernel logs are not written to log file


I have tried all the versions of vyos both Crux and rolling release.

My problem is kernel logs where firewall log, interface activity happens are never written back to /var/log/messages.

I have checked that kernel messages are coming to /proc/kmsg. But never got written to messages file.

It feels like something is buffering those messages.

The only way to get those messages written to log file is if I restart the syslog service. Then all of a sudden those kernel message appear in /var/log/messages.

Does anybody knows why this queueing is occurring and how to fix it.


Hi @sajiby3k did you check journalctl output?



I can see the firewall logs in

[ 405.171284] igb 0000:02:00.0 eth1: igb: eth1 NIC Link is Up 1000 Mbps Full Duplex, Flow Control: RX/TX
0 PREC=0x00 TTL=128 ID=58138 PROTO=UDP SPT=138 DPT=138 LEN=194
[ 737.053899] [A-Guest-Local-default-D]IN=br175 OUT= PHYSIN=eth1 MAC=00:1a:8c:40:02:cd:84:a9:3e:49:4c:f7:08:00 SRC= DST= LEN=60 TOS=0x00 PREC=0x00 TTL=128 ID=47008 PROTO=ICMP TYPE=8 CODE=0 ID=1 SEQ=30

In journalctl - I see this -

journalctl | grep A-Guest-Local-default-D
Mar 10 19:17:44 rqvyrtrx firewall-cfg[1424]: Running: iptables -t filter -A A-Guest-Local -m comment --comment “A-Guest-Local-10000 default-action drop” -j LOG --log-prefix “[A-Guest-Local-default-D]”

But those dmesg logs never got written to /var/log/messages.

Now if i do a - systemctl restart rsyslog, out of a sudden those logs appear in /var/log/messages.

I have below in vyos configuration -

set system syslog global facility all level ‘debug’
set system syslog global facility protocols level ‘debug’

Can you help me what I need to look for in “journalctl” that logging is not happening?

Let me know if you need the whole jpurnalctl file?

I need to know how I can reproduce this locally. Do you have any ideas?



Now comes the strange part if I try the exact same configuration in a vyos VM everything works fine.

But when I install vyos in real physical hardware the logging problem arises.

If you are interested in getting access to the physical box, let me know how you want to access it.

I hope I can give you access to the physical box.

Hi, I think I don’t need access to the physical box. Check please HDD or other storage on this box.
And you can try run ping flood and enable firewall logging on the VM.


This is likely related to that I just reopened.

I think it has something to do with an ordering problem. I only noticed it after a reboot when my Grafana firewall log pipeline was blank. Restarting the rsyslogd service is the quick fix.

Hi @kroy

Thanks for opening an issue.

Restarting the rsyslog only shows previous buffered firewall logs. After syslog restart, new log messages are buffered again. To get new logs I need to restart syslog again.

Just to let you guys know. And strange is, it happens on physical vyos box, not when vyos is running in a VM.

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