L2tp client configure on VyOS

I want to connect to a l2tp server on mikrotik without ipsec. I have studied vyos documentation but I cant find way to configure it in vyos

The title says L2TP client, and in the post, you mention L2TP server, so what do you need?
VyOS currently can’t act as L2TP client

On mikrotik, We can connect to l2tp server to create p2p link. Actually, I have a mikrotik in office configured as l2tp server for remote access. I have installed vyos on a system in my home network. Vyos is acting as a gateway in my home network. I actually want to connect to office network theough vyos and using routing and natting I want to access office network from my home network

By the way this should be available on Vyos. Don’t know what’s the challenge but its commonly used in industry

as i mentioned it’s not supported yet, you can use wireguard meanwhile

The task ⚓ T1229 Add support for unencrypted L2TPv2 client connections