L2TP for IP Tunnel



I am thinking about switching from pfSense to VyOS for my home network router. I have a slightly unusual setup in that I get my broadband from one provider but get IPv6 connectivity and static IPv4 address from AAISP over a L2TP tunnel:

This is plain L2TP, unencrypted over UDP without any IPSec.

There is no mention of VyOS supporting this on the IP Tunnelling page:

Does anyone know if it is currently possible to do this with VyOS?




Shouldn’t be an issue.
‘set interfaces l2tpv3 …’ in conf mode should do what you are looking for, I think.


Thanks @hagbard. I didn’t previously find the l2tpv3 interface type.

I will take a look at docs and see if I can get it working: