L2TP Network Server address within VRF - possible?

Dear colleagues.
Could you please tell whether LNS service address can be within a VRF other than default ?
I’m on rolling release 1.4.

Thank you,

HI all!

May be someone knows - is it possible: would the LNS can work if its ip-address assigned in some vrf?

I did this and got the logs:
set interfaces dummy dum0 address ‘’
set interfaces dummy dum0 description ‘LNS loopback to terminate L2TP’
set interfaces dummy dum0 vrf ‘LNS’
14:34:48.338526 IP > l2tp:TLSNs=0,Nr=0 *MSGTYPE(SCCRQ) *PROTO_VER(1.0) *HOST_NAME(PGW1MSK) *FRAMING_CAP(A) *ASSND_TUN_ID(32) *RECV_WIN_SIZE(16) *CHALLENGE(f42b88f76529831fd8a6db42207009a8) FIRM_VER(183) VENDOR_NAME(Ericsson AB)
14:34:48.338616 IP > ICMP udp port l2f unreachable, length 150

Seems that LNS do not lesten his port in this case.
Does anybody know - are there some configuration options exist for LNS in vrf?
Or may be such config just shouldn`t work at all?