L2TPv3 using UDP Documentation/Reference

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Kindly recently I have started using VyOS and really enjoying building different scenarios and test cases.

I stuck while creating L2TPv3 using UDP as encapsulation. Is there any detailed document about it.

I try to find since last 2 days, but unable to find any with clear examples.

Thanks in advance.

Hello @razi_zaheer, you can find documentation by the following link https://docs.vyos.io/en/latest/interfaces/l2tpv3.html
I think you need to add
set interfaces l2tpv3 l2tpeth1 encapsulation udp

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Many thanks, I checked this document but not so clear.

we need combination of Bridge and UDP L2TPV3 interfaces for making tunnel up ?

Over UDP
UDP mode works better with NAT:

Set local-ip to your local IP (LAN).
Add a forwarding rule matching UDP port on your internet router.

show interfaces l2tpv3

l2tpv3 l2tpeth10 {
destination-port 9001
encapsulation udp
peer-session-id 100
peer-tunnel-id 200
session-id 100
source-port 9000
tunnel-id 200
To create more than one tunnel, use distinct UDP ports.

You can use a bridge or routing or etc. this depends on your network architecture. Also, you can use IPSec and make your tunnel secure.

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@razi_zaheer For example, you can build this map.

@Viacheslav @Dmitry many thanks … appreciate