L2TPv3 / VMWare Oddity

Hey everyone,
I have been banging my head on this one since 3 am, and am hoping i just have an oversight on something.

Last week I stood up test environment and ported over my production code, I setup 7 remote sites and changed over my config from using OpenVPN to GRE/IPSec, a hub and spoke topology with an extra L2TPv3 tunnel. I succeeded in my lab environment and the results were to my liking so this morning I cut over all the configs to production. the GRE/IPSec is working, and BGP is doing its thing but for some reason over the L2TPv3 link, i can pull a DHCP or ping over the WAN.
Its driving me crazy because in the test environment, it did these things just fine. I spent last week setting up DMVPM but i ran into issues with the tunnels dropping off after 8 hours to then come back on after 10 minutes, which wasnt going to work for me.

in my test environment, i stood up a single router with 4 interfaces to make up my internet (Verizon Static, Verizon DHCP, Comcast DHCP, AWS DHCP) all this on a single VM Host.

Now that I am in production the only diviation aside from real internet is the L2 router / DHCP is on a diffrent VM Host than the VPN Hub. -is their something i am missing, L2 should be L2 it shouldnt have to reside on the same host.

running TCPDUMP on both the VPN Hub and one of the remote sites that i am physically located the outputs match, line by line, so looks like the tunnel is working. but i am not getting DHCP or ping from the other host.

I did find that Perspicuous mode was rejected on the second VM host, and changed it to accept, but still nothing. (unless I have to reboot it after than change)

Can anyone think of what I am missing?

The previous config I was using GRE-Bridge to pass the traffic over the internet inside the OpenVPN, so traffic is passing between the two hosts and I use the original Production MAC addresses when porting over the configs from test.

It was an issue with wireless at the remote site, not sure what it is yet but full functionality if plugged in via hardware.

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