LACP LAGG with Unifi Switch

Does anyone know which hashing algorithm I should use for a 2 port LAGG using LACP connected to a Unifi Switch?

My current setup with PFSense just has this option selected:

I don’t see “2/3/4” as an option in the Vyos docs. Sorry I don’t know much about this topic and it’s “just worked” for me as is. The Unifi has no setting referencing the hashing algorithm so I couldn’t look it up on that end.



The hashing algorithm doesn’t need to be the same on both sides. So the switch might do Layer 2/3/4 but you can still configure VyOS to use Layer 2 only. Traffic flowing from the switch to VyOS will then be hashed using those layers and traffic from VyOS to the switch will only use layer 2.

But to answer your question, you can change the hashing algorithm by using set interfaces bonding bondX hash-policy $option where $option could be:

    layer2               use MAC addresses to generate the hash (default)
   layer2+3             combine MAC address and IP address to make hash
   layer3+4             combine IP address and port to make hash
   encap2+3             combine encapsulated MAC address and IP address to make hash
   encap3+4             combine encapsulated IP address and port to make hash

I would say layer3+4 is the same as Layer 2/3/4. Since it will fallback to layer 2 if 3 and 4 are impossible to use.


Thank you. Searching online several people said it was documented here (, but it must have been removed, because hashing is not even mentioned on that page.

I’m just trying to prepare for moving to production on hardware and this is not something I can really test in my vyos vm.

It is not Unify forum/os it is VyOS
These are different systems

Are you suggesting that I not ask questions about integrating Vyos into the rest of my infrastructure? Vyos is not a system that works in isolation from everything else. It requires connectivity to other devices to be useful. I thought maybe someone here had used Vyos with a UniFi switch before.

What’s the point of your message? Don’t ask those kinds of questions here?

Sorry, I wondered if that question was related to unify os, not VyOS
So it is OK
Just my mistake. Some people confuse the system with other systems and wonder why there are no such commands. :blush:

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