Latest 1.5 nightlies failing

Something is wrong with the latest 1.5 nightlies

Usually nightlies are pretty bullet proof, but the 1.5 nightlies are breaking things. On one system it boots to an unconfigured vyos install from 20231005. and on 20231006 the config loads correctly, however it’s not accepting the TOTP code in a router with it configured, and another router is logging into a standard bash shell, not vbash.

Something went wrong around 231004 (or if it were 231003) so if you upgraded to that then things are probably broken if you from that upgraded to 231005.

I assume you tried to select older version in boot menu and from that upgrade straight to 231005 (that is first remove newer releases through “delete system image”)?

I have upgraded from 231002 to 231005 and that works without issues (havent tested 231006 yet that came last night).