Load balancing and HA without BGP

Hello, i have read doc High Availability Walkthrough — VyOS 1.4.x (sagitta) documentation
but I have a question, what if i have no BGP?
I want to configure 2 routers connected to 2 different ISPs separately. (Not 1st and 2nd router to both ISPs, but 1st router to 1st ISP and 2nd router to 2nd ISP)
How to do changes routes from LAN? Or is it possible to use only one white IP for each ISP? (swing it between to routers) And heartbeat VRRP throw LAN.

You may use wan load-balancing

Outbound traffic can be balanced between two or more outbound interfaces.
In my case there is two routers with one WAN on each.

Definitely possible with below scenario; however you need to extend ISPs on both the router through Switch and shodul not be an issue. From LAN end you can configure VRRP

@hexes ,
You have two routers, and each of them are connected to internet through a single WAN/ISP connection. If you are trying to achieve redundancy and fail over from one router/ISP to the other, this can be done using VRRP.

Also i’m trying to configure load-balancing in case where one of routers get both IPs and
And it didn’t work as in man…