Load-balancing session prolongation?

Hi all!
We have 2 ISP load-balancing(same weight interfaces) set up on VyOS 1.2.0 LTS and one service which requires user to have active session only from one IP. Obviously that after short period of time after first request user session resets after request from the another ISP.
So, that’s not the question about “how to config load-balancing wan rule”, but is there a method to somehow prolong the timeout of the initial session via VyOS, so the client wouldn’t be switched to another ISP.
Or maybe there is a method to set up load-balancing per client.

Thanks in advance!


https is usually always a tricky subject when it comes to WAN load balancing as most just opt for fail over groups, or do some type of policy route for a particular protocol or IP/Protocol.

Having said that, have a look at the:

“set system conntrack timeout tcp” options in configure mode.

Also, other good info: