Logs for NIC problems and resets


Anyone knows if VyoS has logs about NIC reset or driver reset ? I had a problem with a nic exiting and entering a port channel 5-6 times in 1 minute and im searching the reason


Hello @merlinios. I think you need check first show log and then sudo dmesg
Which VyOS version are you using?

Hello ,

Im using VyOS 1.2.0-rolling+201805021450

The thing is that i can see only logs to my switch and nothing to VyOS . Nothing in sudo dmesg and also nothing to show log. It is like VyoS didnt understand that a port exits the LACP and enter again .

@merlinios, I’m sure that this messages should appears in dmesg.
Did you think about updating your VyOS router version? I saw some fixes with intel NIC modules.

Hello , thanks for your answer ,

Is there a specific upgrade path from my version ? Or something maybe that i must aware to go to the latest version ? Can you tell me also which is the latest version ?


Hello, rolling ISOs build every day. Update to latest rolling you can run following commands

add system image https://downloads.vyos.io/rolling/current/amd64/vyos-rolling-latest.iso

ps:/ Backup your configuration, because rolling releases is not stable releases. But if you have some problem after update, you can set default boot your old version. Don’t forget write to us about issues or bugs after update, if you found something.

Thanks Dmitry. We will proceed with the update as soon as possible.

Hello ,

I have upgrade to the latest rolling and it seems that my ipv6 peerings are down with message NoNeg. We try to disable enable the neighbor but the same . IPv4 peerings works as expected

Any ideas ?

Hello @merlinios
Can you provide your bgp configuration? Also can you ping ipv6 neighbors?
And check ipv6 routes. Are they in the routing table?
show ipv6 route