Long Commit Time while adding routes

Hello VyOS Team,

I’m currently working on adding configurations for 500 subnets in VyOS. However, I’ve noticed that the commit process is taking approximately 4 minutes to complete. I anticipate needing to add configurations for even more subnets in the future, and the current commit time could become problematic.

For each subnet, I’m adding the following configuration:

set policy prefix-list allow-routes rule 1 action permit
set policy prefix-list allow-routes rule 1 prefix
set protocols static route next-hop distance 5

I’m wondering if there’s any way to reduce the commit time in VyOS, or if this is something we’ll need to accept. Please let me know if you require any further information.

Thank you for your assistance.

Welcome to the Vyos Forums @anandsingh!

You don’t mention which version of Vyos you’re using - I do believe that a lot of work has gone into 1.4/1.5 though to resolve this issue (which is a known problem as I understand it) - I might have my versions wrong it might be 1.5 that’s had the bulk of the speedup work done to it.

Someone who’s a developer (i.e. not me) will be able to give a better reply, but in the meantime if you can share what version you’re using that’d be helpful.

I am using vyos 1.3.4

Thats a known issue and a task have existed for some time:


Roughly it seems to boil down to alot of safety checks and python is being used to do this line by line. The issue will probably not be fixed until some kind of “caching mode” will be implemented in the vyos-configd as in it wont have to verify already verified config lines.