Look up git commit id of releases without downloading iso?

I wish to look up the commit id which is in use for each rolling release and don’t wish to waste mine or your bandwidth to download the full iso each time. Is there an api where I can look up all releases and which git commit was used to build them?

It doc points to a Jenkins setup, but I can find nothing useful there.

The use case here is ci/cd for tooling that uses the api and needs to be built to match it. Currently I look up the upload date of the latest iso file without downloading it and going to the latest commit from that time, but any commit added between the vyos build start and iso upload would erroneously be included on my end using this method.

Though it is not perfect, I now use the build time of the nightly iso as the base instead of the upload date from VyOS rolling nightly build · Workflow runs · vyos/vyos-rolling-nightly-builds · GitHub

Not as good as a direct commit id, but I think it should be good enough.