Looking for a device with 4 SFP+ ports that can push 20Gbit/sec


I am looking for known to work platform with four 10G SFP+ interfaces that can push 20Gb/sec with little NAT and non-stateful ACLs (I have a lot of short-lived TCP sessions).

Any recommendations?


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Hello @danshtr , you definitely need some platform based on a single CPU and one NUMA node. Required at least 8 cores without hyperthreading with frequency 3 Ghz. Preferred NIC 2 x X520 or one X/XL710. Some interesting platforms for these requirements you can find at supermicro site.

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Hello @Dmitry Is it recommended not to use hyperthreading?

Hello @jgcadev , yes, without HT you will see real CPU load, HT, in this case, can add some overhead

Hi i buy a Checkpoint 4800 and the module of 4SFP+
and i have another one that have 3 cards of 4 port SFP+ each card